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Walk to Win Prizes!

Download & Play the App to automatically join the Competition! It's free for everyone to enter.


What is afitar?

Afitar® is a fitness health game for the mobile phone.

Create your own Fitness Avatar & use it to play in our action Puzzle game to fight off an invasion of cute monsters!


Your Fitness Avatar's appearance & strength changes, based on real life exercising.

Move a lot and you will look like a superhero, if not, your avatar could turn into a couch potato, zombie or worse!

Go for walks to level up your Avatar & SAVE THE WORLD! 


What Prizes can I win?

We have 10 Games (of your choice) and 5 X £50 Amazon Vouchers to give away. Last year we had top 3 winners who won a Gaming Console and various console games!

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Selection criteria will be based on these statistics within the 12 day period:

  • Most Distance covered

  • Fastest 2K

  • Game Levels Progressed / Game points scored

To track your activity, just press Get Fit and Quick Start. Or follow app instructions to connect with Apple Health or Google Fit.

Competition Ends 14th April 2019 midnight.

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"The Afitar® app has taken all the great features

from standard puzzle gamesfitness trackers

& has combined them to making a truly awesome app! 9/10 "

Gary Simpson

(Competition Winner of LGF 2018)

Fight Heart Disease & Obesity

17 million people die from heart disease yearly and over 600,000 are obese*.

Let's motivate our family, friends and ourselves to get more active! Every Step counts in improving our health.

Fight Heart Disease & Obesity together with Afitar® 

(*2016 global figures from the World Heart Federation & World Health Organisation)

Rocket Impact's mission is to challenge each other to get healthier

Make a positive difference to the world together!

All Rights Reserved. Copyright © 2018. By Rocket Impact Ltd.

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