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National Fitness Day Event

To celebrate #NationalFitnessDay on September 26th 2018, we are launching a week long competition to get everyone moving!!! This year, we will be supporting #UKactive to encourage the whole Nation in getting fit for (at least) one day only! Digital technology and innovation is one of the core topics being discussed by UKactive recently and its role in helping and motivating young people to get more active. This is where we will play our part in spearheading the effort with the one and only, #Match3 Fitness game on the market with Afitar®!

It’s really simple to enter – just DOWNLOAD the App and track your runs. Don't forget #walking counts just as much! Make it more rewarding when you walk to work, take your kids to school, walking in the park for a leisurely stroll; it will all help in levelling your Fitness Levels up and earn more Fitness Coins in the game!

Our system will automatically detect how much you are moving during the period of September 26th– 3rd October. Shortly after, we will announce the competition winners!

There will be top 3 prizes for each of the following 3 categories:

1) Whoever walked the most on National Fitness Day

2) Whoever walked the most during this 1 week period

3) Whoever has progressed furthest in the game during this period

It’s FREE to enter – so what have you got to lose, in fact, everything to gain – did you know that walking can boost your life span by 3 years!!! For any more questions email or drop a line in the comments below! Go on, for 1 day or 1 week only, get your family and friends involved. Get fit and have some fun!

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