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COMING 2017.

A revolutionary fitness game for the smartphone. 

Afitar® creatively combines features of a fitness tracking app with a casual game of the popular match 3 puzzle genre. It makes use of a unique personalised fitness avatar, that can be levelled up from running and used to play in the game with stronger abilities.

It is designed to help people get fit by having fun together.


Be prepared to get fighting fit and save the world!




1. a figure representing a particular person in a game,

that is dynamically linked to the fitness performance

of that person in the real world. 

created by


Run. Play.

Save the World.

How The App Works

Track your run or

walk with our App

Upgrade Afitar®

& earn FitCoins

Play the Game powered up with friends 

Fight Heart Disease & Obesity

17 million people die from heart disease yearly and over 600,000 are obese*. Get fitter & healthier together. Make a positive difference to the world.

(*2016 global figures from the World Heart Federation & World Health Organisation)

The Invasion Arrives

The world has been overrun by terrible monsters - It needs a hero to bring peace to the land, and that hero is you! As our leader, you must get fighting fit in order to vanquish the terror. Get fit in the real world to make yourself stronger in game, assemble a team of your friends Afitars and destroy the dark forces to bring peace to the land.





Get fit. See the difference.

Your Afitar® dynamically changes its body shape depending on how active you are. But be careful, you may be unfit even if you are thin!

Experience the journey together.

Team up with your friend's afitars inside our Match 3 Puzzle game like no other. We are stronger together!

Motivate friends & family.

Connect with our Social Network and encourage each other.

Enjoy effective gaming rewards.

Real life performance is rewarded with stronger abilities to help ease progression in the game.

Have fun with everyone.

Compete on the global leaderboards. Reach for the top!


The journey starts here!
Congratulations! You have been privately invited to play test our App!
This is still a work in progress version (1.48 to be exact!).
We are generally looking for feedback on any and everything!

iPhone users:

1. Download an app called "TestFlight" from the App store.

2. You will have recieved an email from "TestFlight" (if not let us know!)

3. Click on the link in the email. This will allow the installation of the app via the TestFlight app.

4. Open TestFlight app and you will see "Afitar".  Press on Install. (This will       install an Afitar app icon on your homescreen).

5. Once finished, press on Open.

Android users:

1. You will have received an email from Deepak or Phil. 

2. Click on the link from your phone that will allow you to opt in to testing         Afitar.

3. Go to Google Play store and search for "Afitar" (if you cannot find it,             maybe wait a few hours for the activation to happen or let us know).

4. Download the app.


Play the game as much as you can within the period specified and please fill in the Survey via the link below...

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