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National Fitness Day Event

To celebrate #NationalFitnessDay on September 26th 2018, we are launching a week long competition to get everyone moving!!! This year, we will be supporting #UKactive to encourage the whole Nation in getting fit for (at least) one day only! Digital technology and innovation is one of the core topics being discussed by UKactive recently and its role in helping and motivating young people to get more active. This is where we will play our part in spearheading the effort with th

Giving the gift of's in your hands!

What do people long for the most during their final few moments? Is it for a bigger bank balance? Is it a wish to have worked harder? Is it for more TIME? YES!! More TIME to spend with loved ones.... More TIME to fulfil those dreams they left for tomorrow.... More TIME to make the difference they always imagined. Unfortunately, at that point when you would do anything for more time … it’s not always possible to fulfil that wish. However, it is possible to do something NOW tha

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